Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wear*it Wednesday: How to Wear Pink

I hope you all had lovely Valentine's Days. Or, if you're anti-V'Day, I hope you had a lovely Tuesday! Let's get right into the pink outfits:

Bekah from Matters of Merrymaking shared on Twitter that she actually does not really own any pink. In spite of my gasping at her a couple times, she was able to pull it off with this cute flower pin she made!

shopfreak's outfit is reminding me once again how much I need to find a decent pencil skirt. She looks great! I love the pink Coach bag, too. Pretty sure I want to live wherever she lives right now. I'll take sun and palm trees!

Jess from Animated Cardigan is rocking that bright striped skirt. I, along with all the commenters on her post, am coveting it! And how does this girl always find the best photo locations???

Rachel (You remember Rachel, right? Course you do.) from for the birds submitted this cute pink tunic outfit from a few months ago. This looks super comfy and makes me wish it were the weekend already, and I want to steal her boots and scarf!

As for me, they still had the pink blazer at Gap! Only in big sizes, though (at Bayshore, for the locals), so I guess I lucked out. Both times I went there and admired this blazer, a different saleslady gushed about it. I'm pretty sure all the women who work there probably own it, too.

These pants have always been a little long, and are even longer now that they're a little too loose, so I had to wear super high wedge heels (for me, at least). I felt very tall and awkward today. And bright, but in a good way.

Blazer: Gap; Striped Top and Booties: Old Navy; Pants and Necklace: NY&Co

Thanks everyone! Join in next week for How to Wear Faux Fur, hosted by shopfreak. You can email your submission to Also, if you have any theme ideas or would like to host upcoming weeks, please do email me at!

W is for Wide Leg


  1. That is a very cool outfit. Looks very comfy for everyday wear.

    Color of Love

  2. Loving your blazer! I'm so glad I just figured out today that you are now hosting wear*it wednesday! Thanks for taking it's so fun to participate and guest host!

  3. Thanks for including me, Rebekah! So excited to see what you do with WIW.

    PS. I find my locations by wasting gas and driving all over town ;)

  4. Love, love, love the blazer ... and it's PERFECT paired with stripes.