Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wearing Even More Jason Wu

Dress: Jason Wu for Target; Cardigan: Old Navy; Trench Coat: NY&Co; Tights: ?; Belt: Forever 21; Hat: T.J.Maxx; Shoes: Famous Footwear

My friend felt a little under the weather yesterday, so we skipped the outlet mall shopping. Probably for the best because I've been buying way too many clothes lately. Like this dress, for instance.

This dress may have been a little short and a little casual for work, but it was Friday, so I went with it.  I only have one more dress and one scarf to wear before I've worn all of my Jason Wu for Target loot. Yeah, I may have gone a tad overboard.  Going into it, I predicted I'd spend between $100-$200 on the collection, so I don't feel too guilty. Only slightly. At least it fell around the same time as my birthday--that definitely helped.

Oh and I have to give credit where credit is due. This outfit was inspired by this one on the right. It looks even cuter with the red shoes, doesn't it? I should get myself some red shoes...I actually almost bought some red flats at Target yesterday, but I resisted. Hooray for occasional willpower!


  1. I think you look fantastic! I think that if you wear something over and over again it's worth spending money on it for sure. I'm hoping that when Target finally comes to Canada, soon, we'll get the designer collaborations.

  2. Totally just realized it's the same girl in those inspiration photos!

  3. I love all the Jason Wu items you have been styling lately! That dress looks fabulous on you!!