Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Outfits and Activities

Saturday, I had a busy day planned. First, I ran errands in the morning and then headed off to my friend's baby shower. I can't believe my friend is almost 8 months pregnant. She doesn't look it at all. Since they don't know the sex of the baby, I wanted to represent both by wearing pink and blue although all of us friends are hoping she has a boy since she's been geeking out over cute preppy baby boy clothes forever. I'm sure she and her husband don't care either way.

Blazer: Gap; T-shirt: Land's End (gift); Jeans: Old Navy; Necklace (lengthened by a bracelet): gift; Shoes: Kohl's

On my way to the shower, I had to run to Buy Buy Baby (For those of you who need to buy baby stuff for whatever reason, I HIGHLY recommend Buy Buy Baby over Babies R Us.) to get a gift since I procrastinated as usual. Then I had some extra time to kill, so I wandered into World Market next door. Bad idea. I ended up buying a scarf, two necklaces, and a travel mug for myself. Whoops.

One of my new necklaces from World Market, lengthened by a bracelet

After the shower, a friend and I had plans to do a little shopping in Milwaukee and then go ice skating at Red Arrow Park, which is an outdoor rink downtown, conveniently located adjacent to a Starbucks. We learned that there was a Danny Gokey show (American Idol guy) about an hour's drive from my house later that night, and we considered squeezing that into our plans as well. It ended up just being too much, and we stuck with the original plan of shopping and skating.

There were only two places we definitely wanted to hit--shoo to see if they had any TOMS ballet flats and Luci Boutique because we each had a coupon/gift card. shoo had two ballet flat options--the black leather and the red and purple patterned ones. I wasn't a fan of the red, but I loved the black. I just couldn't find it in me to drop $80 on them yet. Plus, I don't know if I really need another pair of black shoes, so I may just order a different color online at some point. But they were pretty sweet looking. For those of you looking to buy, they run HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. I normally wear a 10, sometimes 11 if the shoes are narrow. The 9.5 would've fit perfect with socks. I probably could've even squeezed into a 9. My recommendation would be to order a full size down from what you normally wear. My friend E did end up buying a cute pair of light purple regular TOMS.

At Luci Boutique I picked up a really pretty blush-colored cowl-neck sleeveless top with lace on one of the shoulders and a mustard dolman sleeve tunic/short dress/long shirt. E got a cute blue floral dress/tunic and a gray thick belt to go with it. I love how my friends are getting into belting.

Next, it was off to the ice rink, where I got to try out my new skates I bought earlier that morning (more money spent, ugh). It was sooooooo worth it. Usually, I'm complaining the whole time about how much pain I'm in or how tired my ankles are from wearing the rental skates, but having my own brand new skates really made the difference. Hopefully they stay that way for years to come so it's worth the investment.

Sunday, hubs and I actually got up and ready in time to get to church. After that, we had hub's friend's son's third birthday party. Bridget, although everyone was saying how cute she is, was being quite sassy and naughty. She kept hitting the birthday boy and threw a hard plastic toy that hit his 4-month-old sister. Luckily, the baby is one tough cookie and didn't cry, but yeah. Bridget is back to her old hitting ways. We're working on remedying it, but I don't really know how.

Another unfortunate moment was when I left my soda unattended, and Bridget proceeded to try to drink it like a sippy cup, instead dumping it all over her face and clothes. That was my bad. Plus, I must've looked like a drunk because I was the only one at the party to grab a beer. Mind you, this is the third birthday party--the first two, all the guys were drinking beer. This time, just me. And then I left my empty bottle laying somewhere, and when I went back for it, someone already picked it up. I am a drunk slob, and people are judging. OK maybe not, but I felt awkward as usual.

T-shirt and Boots: Target; Cardigan: Old Navy; Skirt: self-made; Leggings: American Apparel; Necklace: garage sale

Anwayyyyyyyyyyyy, that's what I wore to church, and then I changed into jeans for the birthday party. I must have had that skirt hiked up more than usual--it looks short. Also, I must clean that mirror. There's little Bridgey prints all over it.

In summary, I spent way too much money this weekend, and I've decided to put myself on a shopping ban for the month of March. My shopping has been more out of hand than usual lately. I have to get a few things in the next couple days, and then the only thing I can spend money on in the month of March is food. That means no DVF for Gap Kids stuff for Bridget until April. We'll see if there's anything left.

Tomorrow, I have a salon appointment so that my friend can practice doing a facial on me and so I can have her try and fix my bang massacre. OK, it's not that bad, but the one short piece is kind of silly looking. So I'm looking forward to that!


  1. Did you attempt to trim your bangs yourself? Is that what you mean by a chunk being short? Cute outfits! Gotta love the hitting/naughty stage. It's frustrating, but she'll eventually grow out of it.

    1. Yeah, and I think it would've gone OK except they were wet when I did it. I better leave it to the professional from now on.

  2. I love that pink Gap blazer. Any chance it's a recent purchase? I've been wanting a hot pink blazer forever!

    1. It is! I bought it a couple weeks ago. It's knit, too, so it's suuuuuper comfy. It was sold out online, but they did have a few in the store.

  3. I have a similar frame to you, and I was wondering, do you find thin belts or thick belts more flattering? Whenever I try belting (I belt right under my bust), it tends to create pudge under the belt (even when I don't buckle the belt very tight); do you ever have that problem?

    1. Hmm, good question. Looking back at my archives, I think skinny belts seem to be a little more flattering, but I find thick stretchy belts more comfortable. And really, I think both are flattering in general.

      I know what you mean about the pudge problem. Especially when I sit down. I can even see the pudge in some of these pictures I'm looking at from my previous posts. So I guess I don't have any suggestions on how to fix that! I am noticing it more with the thick belts in these pictures, though, so I guess that's another reason to go with skinny belts.

      Maybe skinny stretchy belts would be the ticket. I saw some of those on the NY&Co website the other day, but they must be sold out now.

      This was way babbly, but hopefully I answered your question.